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Effective May 25, 2019 -- In accordance with Article 9.7 of the 2016 National Agreement between the NPMHU and the Postal Service, all Mail Handler Assistants will receive an hourly wage increase of $0.21 per hour effective on Saturday, May 25, 2019.  This is the sixth MHA wage increase occurring during the 2016 National Agreement.

The 21 cent per hour increase raises the Level 4 MHA hourly rate to $16.21 and the Level 5 MHA hourly rate to $17.07, which is an increase of approximately 1.3% and 1.2% respectively.  These additional increases were included in the 2016 National Agreement to help close the current gap between MHAs and career employees and to reduce attrition amongst MHAs. 

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Effective November 24, 2018 — For career mail handlers, the basic annual salary for each grade and step of Table One and Table Two shall be increased by an amount equal to 1.3% of the basic annual salary for the grade and step in effect on May 20, 2016. This is the third of three-scheduled general wage increases as outlined in the 2016 National Agreement. In addition to the general increases provided in Section 9.1, MHAs will receive an additional increase of 1.0% annually, for a total of 2.3% effective November 24, 2018, as specifically outlined in Article 9.7 of the 2016 National Agreement.

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