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2016 Special Convention Edition

1 Cover

2 Table of Content

3 President’s Report

5 Finance Statement

6 Secretary-Treasurer’s Report

7 Why Endorse? A Comparison of Candidates

8 2016 NPMHU National Convention – The Power of You!

9 Monday: NPMHU National Convention

11 Tuesday: NPMHU National Convention

13 Wednesday: NPMHU National Convention

15 Thursday: NPMHU National Convention

16 All Delegates Group Picture

18 Friday: NPMHU National Convention

20 NPMHU Honors Regional Vice Presidents Peppers and Santos

22 2016 Convention Committees

23 Convention Moments

24 Around the Union- Local and Regional Group Pictures

30 Report of the National Officers

46 Legislative and Political Committee Recommended Resolutions

49   Resolutions Committee Recommendations

53   Vallone Scholars- NPMHU Scholarship Program

54   MHBP® This Plan is Your Plan

56 Union Plus

Individual PDF Articles of the 2016 Convention Special Edition

4PDF Version

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