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Fall 2020


Union Plus ®

Table of Contents

President’s Report

6  Secretary-Treasurer’s Report   

Semi-annual Meeting of Local Unions

15  Quadrennial Convention Postponed Until August 2022

16  CAD Manager’s Report

18 Legislative and Political Report

20 2020 PACkie Awards

21  2021 PAC Incentive Awards

24  MHBP- Maintaining Healthy Blood Pressure

26  MHBP ®

28  Wage Chart

29  NPMHU Statement of Finances  

30  NPMHU Women’s Committee Report

32  M.A.I.L.S. Steward Resources Updated

35  Virtual Orientations in Pandemic Environment

36  Retirements, Appointments and Promotions at the NPMHU

39  NPMHU & Union Plus Scholarship

40  Mail Handlers Across the Country

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Mail Handler Update

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