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2022 Health Benefits Update

All existing career Mail Handlers may make any one or a combination of the following changes to their health insurance during Open Season: enroll, cancel enrollment, change from one plan to another or from one option to another, and change from Self to Self and Family, or from Self and Family to Self. For Mail Handlers converting to fulltime regular (FTR), there are 60 days from the date of conversion to enroll in a FEHB Plan.

Mail Handler Assistants (MHAs), those working in their second term, are eligible for immediate enrollment into the MHBP Consumer Option and Value Plan with contributions toward premiums to be made by the Postal Service. An MHAs future appointment to a second term triggers eligibility for enrollment in the previously mentioned Consumer Option and Value Plan MHBP Plans. You have 60 days from the date of your newly acquired eligibility to enroll in MHBP.

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Mail Handler Update

Open Season begins November 14 and ends December 12, 2022
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