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August 2023

United States Postal Service Delivering for America Plan

The USPS is in the process of implementing the Delivering for America Plan which calls for the reorganization of the processing, transportation, and delivery networks. Mail volume has declined, but package volume has increased resulting in the need to reorganize the current processing and delivery network to accommodate and capitalize on the current mail mix. The USPS will be investing $40 billion in the network redesign.

The redesigned network will consist of Regional Processing and Distribution Centers (RPDCs), Local Processing Centers (LPCs) and Sorting and Delivery Centers (S&DCs).

Combined Federal Campaign / Postal Employees’ Relief Fund

Overseen by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is the official workplace giving campaign for Federal, Postal, Military employees and retirees. Since its inception, the CFC has raised more than $8.5 billion for charities and people in need.

The CFC 2023 contribution solicitation period runs from September 1, 2023 through January 15, 2024.

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