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February 2024

Are You Ready for the 2024 Elections?

While the 2024 elections are nine months away, the National Postal Mail Handlers Union encourages all of its members to ensure they are registered to vote in primary and general elections, as well as special elections in various congressional districts. The easiest way to check on your voter registration is to visit the non-partisan website, There, you can verify your voter registration, register to vote, apply to vote by mail, and learn more about your state’s election laws. As recent national elections have come down to voter turnout, it is imperative that every member of the Union participates in the democratic process.

The NPMHU highly encourages its members to enroll in vote by mail. Over the past four years, local election boards and the United States Postal Service saw an increase in use of vote by mail. The 2020 elections saw USPS process and deliver 135 million ballots to and from voters; 610 million pieces of election mail; and, 4 billion pieces of political mail. USPS delivered 97.9% of ballots within 3 days and 99.7% of ballots within 5 days. While state regulations for vote by mail, also called absentee ballots, were expanded in 2020 due to the pandemic and public health concerns, due to popularity and demand, many states expanded access to these ballots. During the 2022 midterm elections, USPS delivered over 54.4 million ballots, of these 98.96% were delivered within 3 days and 99.82% were delivered within 5 days. As Mail Handlers, we are uniquely aware of the capabilities of the Postal Service to take extraordinary measures to ensure a secure and accurate vote.

Vote by mail empowers voters to be overcome election fatigue, learn about elected offices and candidates, and doesn’t require standing in long lines. Our democracy is strengthened by participation. You can only elect responsible leaders if you cast your vote, and you can only cast that vote if you are registered. You have a voice, make sure it’s heard.

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