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July 2023

2022 National Agreement Wage Charts 

Effective June 17, 2023 (Pay Period 14-2023) the following contractual provisions of the 2022 National Agreement were implemented.

Wage Table 2 – The elimination of Step BB and the step waiting periods reduced from 52 to 48 weeks.

Full-Time Flexible (FTF) Mail Handler Wage Table – The establishment of the new entry step for Mail Handler Assistant (MHA) automatically converted to FTF after 24 months of relative standing in 200 work year offices. FTF will move to Wage Table 2, Step AA after 48 weeks (unless converted to Full-Time Regular prior to 48 weeks).

MHA Wage Table – The establishment of Step B. MHA will advance to Step B after 26 weeks, including that, upon initial implementation, any MHA in RSC M4 with six (6) months or more of relative standing will move to Step B.

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