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October 2022


Federal Health Benefits Open Season provides an opportunity for career mail handlers to make changes to their health insurance coverage through the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP). During open season, you may make changes to your health insurance including changing plans, enroll if not enrolled, cancel enrollment, or select and change your coverage options (Self Only, Self Plus One or Self and Family).


If you are a Mail Handler Assistant (MHA) in your first 360-day term of employment, you are eligible for health insurance coverage through the USPS Non-Career Health Benefits Plan. Coverage is subsidized by the Postal Service through an employer contribution of $125.00 per pay period for Self Only. For Self Plus One or Self and Family coverage, the contribution shall be equal to, but no greater than, the dollar value of 65% of the total premium for Self Plus One or Self and Family coverage under this USPS plan.

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