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September 2019


From the opening ceremony in late June to the contract expiration date in September 2019, the NPMHU bargaining team has been hard at work, analyzing and developing proposals and meeting frequently with Postal Service representatives throughout the weeks leading up to the midnight deadline on the 20th of September.  Although the NPMHU and the Postal Service were unable to reach a comprehensive, overall agreement on all of the terms to be included in the next 2019 National Agreement, enough progress has been made during the past ninety days of negotiations to convince both parties that an extension of the bargaining process could lead to a tentative agreement.  For this reason, both parties agreed to extend negotiations past September 20, 2019, with the shared hope that further discussions still could lead to a negotiated agreement.

If such an agreement is reached, it will be subject to a mail referendum ballot of the entire NPMHU membership, in which all members will be able to vote on whether to approve the terms and conditions included in the final 2019 National Agreement.

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