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September 2023

Federal Government Shutdown

It’s hard to turn on the news lately without hearing talk about a potential federal government shutdown. Members of Congress have failed to develop a spending plan through the appropriation process for fiscal year 2024, which starts on October 1, 2023.

It needs to be emphasized that the Postal Service and its employees will not be directly impacted by a shutdown. The USPS is not an appropriated federal agency, and Mail Handlers will still receive paychecks and will still report to work.

Appointments – NPMHU Committee on the Future and NPMHU Women’s Committee

National President Paul Hogrogian has made three appointments to the NPMHU’s Committee on the Future (COTF). Jim Haggarty, President of Local 307 (Michigan); Charles Charleston, President of Local 311 (Texas); and Edvina Tesch, President of Local 332 (Utah) will be joining the Committee.  First created by the National Executive Board in 1996, the Committee on the Future of the NPMHU continues to meet on an annual basis in order to engage in long-range planning and strategic thinking for the Union and all Mail Handlers employed by the U.S. Postal Service.

National President Paul Hogrogian has also appointed Conswela McLemore, Vice-President of Local 304 (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana) to the NPMHU’s Women’s Committee.  Sister McLemore is a proven labor leader with the experience and knowledge to contribute to the excellent work that the Women’s Committee has achieved since its formation in 2017. 

Retroactive Salary Adjustments Delayed

The NPMHU was notified that there will be a delay with retroactive salary adjustments in connection with the implementation of the 2022 National Agreement.

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