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NPMHU and USPS Enter Memorandum of Understanding Re: Temporary Exception Period – COVID-19

In order to accommodate those installations that are experiencing high absenteeism because of the COVID-19 pandemic and consistent with the Letter of Intent Re: Mail Handler Assistants in Excess of Percentages Caps, the parties agree to an exception period for the hiring of mail handler assistants (MHA’s) in excess of the appropriate installation and district caps for MHAs.  

The MHAs will not be used to the detriment of Mail Handlers on the Overtime Desired List.  

The Postal Service will provide the NPMHU at the National level with reports every pay period on the number of temporary MHAs hired in each installation and the absenteeism rate for those facilities that the MHAs.  

The exception period is effective with the signing of this MOU and will continue until May 25, 2020.  

The parties will revisit this issue immediately prior to this MOU’s expiration to determine if extension is appropriate. 

This MOU will expire May 25, 2020.  (pdf)

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