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Postal Service delivers Mandatory Stand-Up re: Talk Hold Mail service reminders

Please find linked a copy of the below captioned document from the Postal Service regarding its Hold Mail Service. (pdf)

According to the Postal Service, the Hold Mail process is a courtesy service designated for customers who plan on being away from their homes or business for up to 30 days. Mail for closed businesses is normally held for 10 days to allow customers to claim their mail at the local Post Office. Products such as Priority Mail Express and Certified Mail have slightly different hold periods due to the nature of the products. Mail still held after the established time period will be returned to sender as unclaimed.

During these unprecedented times with COVID-19, many parts of the nation are experiencing varying degrees of state and local restrictions on which businesses may open or remain open. These restrictions are generally decisions beyond the customer’s control.

If these restrictions are applicable in your area or resume in your area, please encourage your Hold Mail customers to contact their local Post Office and make arrangements to collect their mail, or they should arrange to restart regular delivery of their mail, including mail still being held. Local Postmasters have the discretion to extend the Hold Mail time frame based on local circumstances.

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