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NPMHU and USPS Sign MOU on Late Enrollment Exception for Health Benefits for MHAs

Please find linked here, copy of a new Memorandum of Understanding signed today that allows for a late enrollment exception for signing up for health benefits for MHAs. (pdf)

The late enrollment exception will only apply to MHAs who were hired on or after November 7, 2020 and who are permitted to be retained in accordance with the Memoranda of Understanding, Re: Additional Mail Handler Staffing dated December 24, 2020 and Re: Temporary Exception Period – COVID-19 dated March 26. 2020.

If you have any questions, please contact the National Contract Administrative Department.

Notice to Non-Career Employees Eligible to Enroll in USPS Health Benefits Plan Coverage - PS Form 3120 (pdf)

Application to Elect or Waive Pretax USPS Health Benefits Plan Premium-PS Form 3119 (pdf)

How to Use PostalEASE to Manage Your USPS Non-Career Employee Health Benefits Plan-PS Form 3117 (pdf)

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