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NPMHU Launches Grassroots Campaign Action Center

NPMHU is excited to announce our new grassroots campaign tool on the Legislative & Political section of our website, the NPMHU Action Center. This tool will allow NPMHU Headquarters to better educate our members on legislative issues impacting Mail Handlers and the Postal Service, and provide for you and your fellow NPMHU members to directly connect with your elected officials. You will be able to effectively advocate on issues impacting the Union, encouraging elected officials to keep the Postal Service in mind when voting on legislation.

The campaign tool will inform NPMHU members of legislative activities happening within Congress that have a direct impact on Mail Handlers. By submitting your name and address, you’ll be connected with your Representatives and Senators. From there, you can submit a prepared statement, asking your elected officials to take action in support of NPMHU, by voting in a way that will promote NPMHU, the postal workforce, and the USPS, or by sponsoring legislation that is aligned with our legislative agenda. These advocacy efforts strengthen our voice on Capitol Hill and show the power of NPMHU members. If you have questions about grassroots campaigns and advocacy, please reach out to NPMHU Legislative & Political Director Katie Maddocks.

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