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Unions Show Support for USPS

On Friday, May 15, the House of Representatives passed the HEROES Act (H.R. 6800), which would provide $25 billion in finanical assistance to the Postal Service, ensure all postal employees recieve hazard pay as an essential employee, and repeals borrowing restrictions previously imposed. 

Showing support for this legislation as USPS is facing drastic revenue losses and its employees are continuing to meet essential duties despite health risks, the four postal unions as well as LiUNA President Terry O'Sullivan and AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka along with numerous other unions, expressed the need for congressional support for the consitutionally mandated instituation to House and Senate leadership.

In the letter, it was expressed that, "Relief at this critical moment will protect the livelihoods of our frontline workers, preserve an essential service for all U.S. households, and ensure that the Postal Service is ready to help reopen the economy by supporting millions of American businesses that rely on USPS every day, particularly in our rural communities."

The bill now moves to the Senate support, however, it is unknown at this time when Senators will take up the bill or what changes could be made to the legislation. 

To contact your Senators, letting them you know you support the Postal Service and the HEROES Act, please call 866-832-1560, or visit:

Letter on support for the Postal Service (pdf)

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